How do I add a personal photo in Family Tree Builder?

Here are the steps for creating a Personal Photo (the thumbnail face shot that shows on the genealogy card in Tree View in Family Tree Builder).

1.   Open your family tree in the Family Tree Builder software.

2.   Navigate to the person’s card you would like to add the photo for.

3.   Click on ‘+ Add Photo’, where the person silhouette appears.

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4.   A new screen will appear allowing you to browse your computer for photos. Click on ’Browse’ in order to choose the photo you would like to add and then click on ‘Next’.

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5.   You’ll see the following screen. Make sure the middle option ‘Set as Personal Photo for <NAME>' is checked.

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6.   Click ‘Finish’.

7.   Now you will arrive at the 'Edit Photo' window. You can add details about the photo here, such as Title, Date and Place the photo was taken. Use the tabs to add extra information about a photo.

8.   A personal photo will always have a blue box around the face when you are in the 'Edit Photo' window. A photo which is only associated to a person, but is not the personal photo, will have a red box around it.

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9.   And we’re done! Go back to Tree View to make sure you centered the photo well. Don’t forget to save!

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