How can I attach and detach parents in Family Tree Builder?

Here are a few examples when you may need attach / detach parents without adding or deleting them:

·         When child was mistakenly added to the wrong parents, and you need to move the child to the new parents.

·         If you added people in the tree without knowing they were parents of another individual in your project and found it out while doing your family research.

·         When child was adopted by uncle or aunt (or other relatives whom you already added in the tree).

To detach existing parents from a child:

Click ‘Edit’ button on the person’s card. Select ‘Parents’ and click on ‘Detach from Parents’.

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To attach parents from the list of existing people in the tree:

On the child’s personal card click ‘Edit’ button. Select ‘Parents’ and click on ‘Attach parents’.

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The window with the list of spouses existing in your tree will open. Select the parents’ couple from the list and click ‘OK’.

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Note: if you need to show both natural and adopting parents, you shouldn’t detach child from the natural parents. Just use ‘Attach parents’ option as described above, and attach adopting parents. You will be suggested to select the correct relationship.

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