How can I change the way a woman’s last name is shown in the Family Tree Builder software?

Family names of women can be shown in different ways in your family tree.

In order to change the way the last names of women will appear in your tree, please do the following:

1.   Open your tree in Family Tree Builder software. 

2.   Go to ‘Tools menu in the upper menu bar and select ‘Options’. 


3.   Under ‘Names’ section select ‘Last names for married women’. 

4.   Choose one of the options according to your preferences and save changes. 

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Married names for women can be added both manually or be assumed automatically from husband’s last names.

If you would like to allow/disallow the program to assume last names of women from the husbands’ last names, please take the following actions:

1.    Open the ‘Names’ section in ‘Options window as described above. 

2.    Click on ‘Assume wife’s married names from husband’s last name’ option. 

3.    Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ according to your preferences and click ‘OK’ to save settings. 

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You can always add married names of specific women manually. In this case the software will stop assuming the woman’s last name from the husband’s, and will use the last name you entered instead.

For this just double-click on the woman’s personal card and add married name in the main tab.

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