How do I add photos to Family Tree Builder?

When you create a family tree in Family Tree Builder, you have the option to upload images to your project. In order to do so:

1. Open your project.

2. Navigate to the ‘Photos’ section, by clicking on the ‘Photos’ button on the main toolbar.

3. Click on the ‘New’ button and select ‘New Photos’:

4. Select photos from your computer, clicking on the ‘Browse’ button. When you’re done, click on ‘Next’:

5. In the next window you can select a photo album to add your photo to. If you select ‘No album’ option, the photo will be added to the general list of photos in your project.

6. In the next window you can check the option ‘Edit the details of the photo now’ to open the ‘Edit photo’ window where you can add information about the photo and tag people on it.

If you don’t want to edit details about the photo now un-check this option, and click ‘Finish’.

Make sure to sync your project to see your newly added photos on your site and to share them with the rest of your family!