How do I add a custom fact in Family Tree Builder?

When you add the fact to a person in Family Tree Builder, you are supposed to select the type of the fact from the list of suggested types.

If you don’t find the type that fits the fact you want to add, you can create your own fact type by adding a custom fact.

Adding a custom fact in Family Tree Builder is very easy.

1.     First, find the person in the tree you want to add the fact to.

2.     Click the ‘Edit’ button on that person’s card and select ‘Edit details’.


3.     Go to the ‘Facts’ tab in Edit Details window and click on the ‘New Fact’ button. 

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4.     In the ‘Or, enter a custom type:’ section start typing to give your fact a unique name and click ‘OK’ to save it.

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 5.     Now that you’ve created the custom fact type, add details like date, place and description and click ‘OK’ to save the fact.

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6.     Next time you add a fact for any person in the tree, you can use the custom fact you just added. It will appear in the ‘Custom facts’ section when adding a new fact.

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