How do I add To-Do tasks in Family Tree Builder?

You can now enter tasks that need to be done in your research, and associate them with people and with locations; organize the next steps you need to do in your research and prioritize them. They help you conduct your genealogy research much more effectively by finding all tasks associated with a certain person or location.

To create new To-Do tasks in Family Tree Builder (FTB), follow the instructions below:

1.     Open Family Tree Builder software on your computer.

2.     Click on ‘View’ upper menu bar and select ‘To-Do Tasks’. 


3.     The ‘Manage To-Do Tasks’ window will open. To add a new To-Do Task, click on the button that reads ‘New Task’.

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4.     The window where you can add details of the new task will open:

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5.     To associate the task with a specific person, click on the ‘Add’ button under ‘Add people associated with this task:’

       You will see the list of all people in your family tree. Select the right person from the list and click ‘Select’.

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6.     Click ‘OK’ to save the task and then ‘Done’ to close the ‘Manage To-Do Tasks’ window. 

        When a person in your project has a task associated with them, you will see the following icon in their card in the project:


                        Description: Click to view photo in full size

Clicking on the icon will take you to the ‘Manage To-Do Tasks’ showing tasks associated with this specific individual.

To mark that you have completed the research for an individual in your tree, double click on the person in the tree, to bring up the ‘Edit details’ window.

Select the ‘More’ tab and check the ‘Research is complete for this person’ box.

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If you had any active To-Do tasks for the selected person, you will be prompted to confirm you would like to mark research as completed.

Click ‘OK’ and you will see the following icon in that individual’s card:

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Clicking on the icon will take you back to the ‘Research is complete for this person’ check-box, and it can be unchecked there.