What's new in Family Tree Builder 8.0?

Family Tree Builder (FTB) 8.0 is based on a completely new framework, designed to provide the best performance and experience, especially for those who build large family trees.

New features in the new version:

  • Improved performance
  • Quick and responsive
  • Trees are now supported up to hundreds of thousands of individuals
  • Large trees load fast
  • Changes are saved immediately (no need to remember to save and no more waiting for ‘Save’ operation)
  • Improved data integrity

In order to upgrade Family Tree Builder to the new version (FTB 8.0), please close it on your computer if you have it currently open, then click on the following link: www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder

On the page that opens, please click on the 'Free Download' button to start the download process of the installation file.

For further information about Family Tree Builder 8.0 please read our Blog post.