Restore / Backup

How do I backup my Family Tree Builder project?

Family Tree Builder automatically creates a backup of your project whenever it detects a need to do so, such as when you are making a significant change

How can I safely transfer my Family Tree Builder tree from one computer to another?

If you would like to move your Family Tree Builder project from one computer to another, you can choose one of two options below. First make sure, you

How can I restore my Family Tree Builder tree from my family site?

When you sync your family tree with your online family site, in addition to sharing the tree with your family members, you also create an online backup

What should I do if I can’t find my Family Tree Builder trees?

When you install a new version of the Family Tree Builder (FTB) program, the program will automatically recognize and find the tree file that you have

How can I restore my tree in Family Tree Builder?

There are two options for restoring your family tree. You can either restore the tree from your computer or from your family site. To restore a family