Can I sync my tree automatically in Family Tree Builder 7.0?

Your Family Tree Builder and online trees will automatically sync with one another every 24 hours, even if your Family Tree Builder is closed (as long as your computer is turned on!). The sync will also occur every time that you save your project.

Photos and tagging of photos that are added by other members of the site will also be conveniently synchronized to your project on Family Tree Builder.

To use the Automatic Sync, you will need to make sure that the settings for this are in place by doing the following:

1. Open your Family Tree Builder Software.

2. Click on ‘Tools’ from the upper menu bar and select ‘Options’.

3. On the window that appears, click on ‘Sync’ on the left hand side.

4. On the right hand side, make sure that the Parameter ‘Sync Projects automatically to my site’ is set to ‘Yes’. Click on the ‘OK’ button to save your settings.

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