Why were my photos not synced from the online Family Site to the Family Tree Builder?

There are a couple of reasons of why pictures may not have been synced from the online family site to Family Tree Builder:

1) You have more than one tree on your family site and you have uploaded photos directly to your family site without tagging them (i.e. without referencing them to the specific family tree).

In Family Tree Builder 7.0, we do not currently sync the project photos when you have more than one tree on the family site. Personal photos for people in the trees will be synced regardless of whether you have more than one family tree on the site or not. Any other photos that were added on the site but not tagged will not sync back to your project in Family Tree Builder.

2) It is possible that you previously deleted a photo from your project in Family Tree Builder:

When you delete a photo in Family Tree Builder 7.0, it will no longer show in the software, however, the photo will still be located on the online family site. This means that you may find some photos that appear in the online family tree but not in the Family Tree Builder.

In order to restore the photo, you will need to manually add it by either uploading it from your computer, or download it from your family site and then add in Family Tree Builder, in case you don’t have it on your computer anymore

In order to download the photo from your family site, please read the following FAQ: 

How do I download photos that were added to my site?

If you need help adding photo in Family Tree Builder, please use the following FAQ:

How do I add photos to the Family Tree Builder?

Don’t forget to sync your project and you’re done.