What is the difference between ‘Sync’ and ‘Publish’?

In the former versions of the Family Tree Builder software (FTB) we called the process of uploading your family tree data to your family website ‘publish’.

Publishing your family tree from FTB would upload the data to your family website and make it available for sharing it with your family – for viewing only.

Starting from Family Tree Builder 7.0, we redesigned the ‘Publish’-Function to be a bi-directional synchronization, hence the name ‘Sync’.

This means that you can edit your family tree in the FTB on your computer and also on your online family website. Wherever you decide to add details to your tree, the next synchronization process will update the data at the other side.

This also enables the site creator to work on the project from more than one computer. You can work with the FTB on one computer and with the online family website on other computers.

For example: if you go on a vacation, you can work on your project from any computer or mobile device on the go – using just an internet browser to connect to your online family website.