How often can I sync my tree in Family Tree Builder?

Frequent syncs of family trees with a lot of data can cause performance issues for many MyHeritage users due to an overload in the database. To improve the overall experience of our users and prevent those issues, we have recently implemented a new sync policy that limits the sync frequency between the Family Tree Builder software and family sites on

This sync policy will allow you to sync at predefined intervals depending on the amount of individuals you have in your family tree.

Until the next sync becomes available, you and your site members can of course continue to add new information to your online family site, and in addition you can edit your FTB projects as usual. When you will sync again, you will be able to download from the site all of the changes that have been made online, or upload to the site all changes you have made in the software.

In version 8 of the Family Tree Builder software, the information you add directly in the software is now saved automatically. Click here if you don’t have the latest update of FTB.

In the very near future, a new build of FTB 8 will be released in which we will notify you when the next sync will be available for a project you want to sync. In addition we are planning on changing the automatic sync process, so that trees with a pending sync status won’t be automatically synced by the software.

Currently, if your automatic sync is enabled, the tree will be synced automatically once it is syncable again. However, if you wish to control when to sync your family tree, you can simply disable the automatic sync. To learn how to do this, please read the following article: How can I turn off the automatic sync in Family Tree Builder?