How do I delete a family tree in Family Tree Builder?

In order to delete a tree from Family Tree Builder (FTB), follow the instructions below:

1.     Open the Family Tree Builder software on your computer.

2.     Click on ‘File’ in the upper menu bar and select ‘Close project’.

**You need to close your family tree project to be able to delete it. Only the project will be closed, while the software will remain open. 

3.     Now click on ‘File’ menu and select ‘Manage Projects’. 


4.     In the screen that opens, you see a list of all the projects you have created in Family Tree Builder.

5.     Select the project you wish to delete, by clicking on its name.

6.     Click on the ‘Delete’ button on the right hand side of the screen.

7.     Click on the ‘Done’ button to finish.

Description: C:\Users\anna\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML106c2d1e.PNG


To delete a family tree from your family site, please click on the following link to read the article: How do I delete my family tree from my family site?