How can I check Smart Matches™ and Record Matches using the MyHeritage app?

With the latest version of the MyHeritage app for mobile, you can review and confirm (or reject) Smart Matches™ and Record matches, and save new information to your family tree.

The mobile app also allows you to apply Instant Discoveries™ to your family tree.

Log into the MyHeritage app on your mobile device, and tap on 'Discoveries' to check for the new information found by our powerful technologies.

Here you will see the Discoveries (click here to read more about viewing Instant Discoveries on the Mobile App) and below the list of all Smart Matches and Record Matches found by our powerful technologies. 

Note: You can filter the list to see only Smart Matches or Record Matches, as well as only Pending, Confirmed or Rejected matches.

Click on the filter sign in the right-upper corner of the screen to apply your settings.


The matches are listed by people.

Tap on ‘View’ to display all the Smart Matches and/or the Record Matches found for the specific person. You can also use the search option to navigate through the list.

Tap on ‘Review match’ to see all the information found for you in the match.

When viewing Smart Matches, you will be able to see the new information in the matching tree compared to the existing data in your tree.

Tap on ‘Confirm’.

If you would like to get in touch with the owner of the matching family tree, you can tap on ‘Contact’ button below.

Please note, in order to be able to confirm/reject Smart Matches, contact other site administrators and save new information to your tree, you should have Premium or PremiumPlus family site subscription.

Click here to learn how to upgrade your family site.

On the next screen, you will be able to save the new information to your tree.

When viewing Record Matches, you will see the information given in the historical record found by the Record Matching technology, and you will be able to Confirm or Reject the match.

Please note, some records are free to view, but some records require a data subscription. Click here to learn more about data subscription.