Family Tree on mobile

How do I edit a person’s details in the MyHeritage app?

To edit the details of the family member on the MyHeritage mobile app, tap on the person in the tree and then tap on the  sign in the right-upper

Why can’t I edit my tree with the MyHeritage app?

If you originally created your family tree in the Family Tree Builder software and published it to your online family site using one of its older versions

How do I add a person to the tree in the MyHeritage app?

To add a new family member on your MyHeritage app, tap on the “+” sign on any person’s card. Select the relationship (father, mother,

When viewing my tree on the MyHeritage app, how can I see more information?

When tapping on a person in your family tree, a mobile version of his/her profile page will open, showing biographical information such as birth date,

Is there a way I can print my family tree on the MyHeritage mobile app?

At the moment, we do not have the option to print your family tree on the MyHeritage mobile app. However, we've received many requests for this and we

If I use the MyHeritage app to edit my tree will the data be updated on my family site at MyHeritage?

If you edit your tree in the MyHeritage app the data will automatically be synchronized with your family tree at If you edit your tree on

I’m having a trouble signing in to the MyHeritage app. Help!

If you already have an account on MyHeritage, simply log in to the app using your member email and password.  Forgot your MyHeritage password? Tap

Where can I download the MyHeritage app for mobile?

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user, download the MyHeritage app from the App store.   If you’re an Android user, download