How do I edit a person’s details in the MyHeritage app?

To edit the details of the family member on the MyHeritage mobile app, tap on the person in the tree and then tap on the  sign in the right-upper corner. Select 'Edit profile'. 


Once done, tap on  to save your changes. 

If you would like to edit facts related to that person, simply tap on the fact in the list and edit its details. 

You can also view the list of the person's relatives and photos this person appears in. To do so, tap on one of the corresponding options. 

Besides, clicking on the '+' button you can easily add new photos, relatives and facts to this person. You can also invite this person to join your family site (this option will be available only for living people) or contact them if they are already a member of your family site.

*Please note that the appearance of the App’s features may vary slightly depending on the device you use, however, the general directions for usage are the same.