What is the online backup service?

The backup service is a paid service, available to all members who have a family tree on a family site at MyHeritage.com. The backup service is separate from Premium family site subscriptions.

The backup service backs up your family tree once every month and sends you an email notification with a link to download the backup onto your computer. Links to the backups are also available on your family site under the “Family Tree” tab in the “Backup” section.


The backup service covers all family trees on the specific family site for which the service has been purchased.

The service does not include content in the family site such as comments by other users, Inbox messages, Smart Matches™, Charts and Reports, or any content other than family tree data, photos, videos and documents added to the family tree.

The backup service provided for Family Tree Builder trees excludes any photos not associated to and synchronized in the family tree. Photos uploaded directly to a family site, but not tagged to the synced tree, will not be covered by the backup.

Each month’s backup is saved so if you need to restore a backup from two months ago or even six months ago, you can easily do so with the links provided. If you have more than one tree on your family site, each tree is protected separately at no extra cost.

Restoring backups is simple and takes a few seconds. Please click here for instructions for restoring a backup from the online backup service.

Backups are stored securely and are password-protected so you can be sure your information is safe.

The online backup service is available for synchronized family trees created in Family Tree Builder (our family tree software), as well as family trees created online on your MyHeritage.com family site.

To subscribe to the backup service for your family trees, please read the following FAQ article: How can I purchase the backup service?

Terms for the backup service can be found here.