How can I restore a backup from the online backup service?

Online backups are created once a month. When a new backup file is generated, you will get an email with the link to retrieve a backup of a specific tree in a specific site.

Additionally you can access backup files, if you log in to your Family site, move your mouse to the tab ‘Family Tree’ and click on ‘Backup’. 


You will be directed to a new page. There you will find a list of all backups that have been created with a description of the backup file, its size and instructions for downloading the backup and using it to restore the tree.

How to restore a family tree originally created in the Family Tree Builder software:

First make sure Family Tree Builder is installed on your computer. You can download it here.

Then open Family Tree Builder and go to ‘File’ menu in the upper menu bar.

Select ‘Manage Projects’ and click on ‘Import package’. Browse for.ZIP file you downloaded from your family site and import it into the Family Tree Builder.

If Family Tree Builder already contains another version of that tree (for example, a previous version of the same tree), the tree file will be renamed. Importing a backup into Family Tree Builder will not overwrite existing versions of the family tree.

How to restore a family tree originally created online (WEB tree):

The backup file will be a GEDCOM file with a .GED extension. You can download it to your computer. All photos associated to the tree are linked in the GEDCOM file and will be retrieved when you restore your tree to your MyHeritage family website or to the Family Tree Builder software.

To import the file to your family site, log in to the site, move your mouse over the ‘Family tree’ tab and click on ‘Import GEDCOM’.

If your family site already contains another version of that tree, then the tree will be duplicated in the family site. Importing the GEDCOM will not replace any existing tree in a family site. The process will also duplicate photos if the photos are still located on the family site.